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Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

The Deutsches Technikmuseum (German Museum of Technology) is a museum to explore! Come for an entertaining educational journey through the history of technology: Visit our fascinating exhibitions on aviation, shipping, railways, the automobile, film technology, computer history, the role of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in our lives, and much more. Review the multi-faceted spectrum of technology – from ancient times to cutting-edge – and explore the many ways it has shaped our history and culture.

Daily demonstrations, hands-on activities and guided tours make the Deutsches Technikmuseum a place of interactive learning and experience. Our extensive museum park is an oasis of green at the heart of the city.

Located right next to the museum our Science Center Spectrum’s colourful world of experiments invites visitors to independently explore more than 150 amazing phenomena in the realms of science and technology. Its school laboratory Meilensteine (Milestones) provides school classes with the opportunity to time travel to the workshops of famous scientists and to do experiments in the fields of optics and electricity.

The Science Center Spectrum’s concept of making scientific knowledge easily comprehensible for everyone continues a tradition practiced by the Berlin Urania from 1888 to 1928. The Science Center Spectrum has been in existence since 1983 (the year the Deutsches Technikmuseum opened) and is thus the oldest existing science centre in Germany.

Other contact: Dr. Tiziana Zugaro – Public Relations and Marketing. phone: +49 30 90 254 224; fax: +49 30 90 254 175; e-mail: zugaro@technikmuseum.berlin