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We are the Sigong Tech, the beautiful creator. Remember us. It’s the era of creativity. You can always find the value, rewarding feeling and touching emotions in creating something new and beneficial to mankind. Experiences also tell us that the job of creation is not possible without knowledge, technology, arts and commitment. We, the Sigong Tech, are determined to be the true servant of the era of creativity. It’s the era of culture. Don’t we all wish to heighten the quality of our life? Science parks, museums, theme parks, special images and design-all of these have something to do with the quality of human life as parts of the industry and will remain there. It’s the era of communication. When we define communication as the activities to show people something or make them feel something, the responses to them ,or the deliveries of another kind of meaning, it’s the exhibition and design industry where communication is found in its most complex forms. Everything that we can passively imagine can be the subject of an exhibition or a design, whose goals are as much diverse including education, PR, and marketing. We, the Sigong Tech, pursue the customer-oriented exhibiton and design business and are sure to meet the goals. We are the group of creative minds and experts, who try to provide people with endless opportunities for them to feel moved based on the perfect harmony of knowledge, technology, information and arts.