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Science Centre Tietomaa

Established on 29 June 1988, Tietomaa is the first science centre in Finland. It is based in the wellknown and high-tech city of Oulu, main city in northern Finland.

Tietomaa is included in the organization of Oulu City. It is one unit of the Oulu city tourist services. Tietomaa employs 10 permanent and 20 temporary persons. Tietomaa cooperates a lot with the University of Oulu, the University of Lapland, Polytechnic of Oulu and with industrialists of local and north area.

In Tietomaa, there are 8-10 theme exhibitions and a 8/70 giant movie theatre. Tietomaa has an exhibition area of almost 2000 square meters. In the giant movie theatre, you can watch a movie on the Finnish largest flat-screen. Tietomaa is open almost every day!

1. Traditional science centre – product - very functional and interactive exhibitions and giant movie - other activities; science displays, science camps, open lectures..

2. Services for enterprises and groups - meeting and congress services - program services; educational, guided and entertaining