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A place of innovation and science
Switzerland’s largest science campus explains the laws of nature, their complex effects and interactions as well as exciting phenomena in an engaging and unique way.
Experience. Marvel. Understand.

A bridge between science and society
Phänomena encourages children, teenagers and adults to actively participate in shaping
our environment. And it raises awareness of the relevant mutual issues of our time.

Topics of the present and the future
In developing the experiences, Phänomena collaborates with Switzerland’s leading
universities, research institutes, universities of Applied Sciences, and technical colleges.Together, they develop the educational objectives of Phänomena’s key themes: Artificial Intelligence, Biodiversity, Chemistry & Physics, Climate, Energy, Mobility, and Space.

The uniqueness of a national exhibition
Phänomena is from April to October 2024, in Dietikon. More than 1 million visitors
from all language regions are expected. Phänomena is a flagship project with national
significance: Forward-looking, innovative, sustainable, surprising, and bold.