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The world of phenomena Germany’s unique experimental landscape

The inquisitive and the curious can tangibly experience, actively experiment with and interactively explore over 350 phenomena at phaeno Wolfsburg. Tornados, magnetic levitation trains and luminous gases awaken a fascination for the enigmas and phenomena of nature and technology. There’s something to experience at phaeno for everyone – whether a specialist or just plain interested in the world around us. Being amazed in phaeno means, for example: marveling at the fire tornado over six meters high, setting a ball in motion alone through brainwaves and relaxation, defying the cold through the power of thought, casting endless reflections, free-ing one’s own shadow, exploring genes, experiencing what electricity feels like or lying as comfortably as a fakir on a bed of nails. Those are just a few examples of what one can expect during a thrilling day at phaeno.

The impressive building, which was designed by the Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Zaha Hadid, is counted among the 12 most important structures of the modern age.