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Located in Brest (France), Océanopolis is the national centre for scientific culture dedicated to the Ocean. Since 1990, this equipment has recounted marine biodiversity, with an educational and creative scientific mediation. Better knowledge and understanding of the planet's various marine ecosystems contribute to improve their conservation. More than just a visit, it is a rigorous scientific journey through a world tour of seas and oceans, with nearly 80 aquariums and 9,000 m² of exhibition space. Océanopolis fosters knowledge sharing and strengthens the science-society link. So, everyone can understand how the ocean works and form their own opinion on the impact of their actions, yet through entertainment and wonder.

Océanopolis' objectives are to make oceanographic research accessible to the public and to create the required conditions for the appropriation of marine sciences and maritime issues. Océanopolis shares knowledge and creates emotions to change the way we look at the ocean.