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Museum of Life/Oswaldo Cruz Fundation

A space of integration between science, culture and society, the Museum of Life aims to inform and educate in science, health and technology in a creative and entertaining manner, through permanent exhibits, interactive activities, multimedia, theater, video and labs.

Being connected to the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz), the Museum has unique features, reflecting the institution's culture, mission and social commitment. Its major themes are life as object of knowledge, health as quality of life and man's intervention on life.

Besides, because it is located in Fiocruz campus, a huge green area amidst a densely populated region with deprived communities and large number of public schools, it works as a major pole of leisure, culture and education in Science and Health.

An initiative by the Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, the Museum aims to offer to the population the understanding of scientific breakthroughs and their impact on the daily life, enlarging their participation in issues related to Health and S&T.