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Museo Explorazione

The Explorazione Science Museum, established in 2007, is the science section of the City museum system Treviglio Musei: it has the main purpose of fostering young people's interest in science. At the same time, it allows everybody (children, students, general public) to see and touch concrete demonstrations of many scientific discoveries.

The main exhibit hall, of more than 500 square meters, is an interactive lab where visitors can play and understand science at the same time. More than 60 exhibits give the opportunity to get in touch with electromagnetics, optics, thermal transfer, acoustics, mechanics and other phenomena. Hands-on learning is key: all exhibits are marked "Please, touch".

Labs/lesson rooms are available for schools: a wide range of activities can be arranged (chemistry, biology, electricity and magnetism, effects of pressure and vacuum, etc.), from preschool to secondary school. Activities can be booked monday to friday, morning and afternoons: in 2019, more than 500 classes (about 10000 students) attended.

In addition, conferences by researchers and experts are organized in the Auditorium. Topics include biology, astrophysics, relationship between maths and literature, scientific investigations on paranormal events, and more.

On Sunday afternoons the museum is open to general public, free of charge.

Since 2020, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, in-person activities have been restricted. A number of new online activities are available for schools.