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Museo del Risparmio

In everyday life, often influenced by financial choices, most people find it difficult to manage their money.

The Museum of Saving, founded in Turin in 2012, aims to promote the basics of financial education to help people make conscious decisions and achieve their life goals. We are the world's first Museum dedicated exclusively to the topic.

Our innovative spaces, designed for families, adults and schools, engage people by teaching them the art of money management and improving their financial literacy in a new way.

We believe that with edutainment and a game-based learning approach, financial education can become easy and exciting. That’s why we consider our Museum a real phygital project that evolves constantly by developing innovative digital educational tools and offline activities for people of all ages.

How do we turn financial literacy into fun? The language we use is accessible yet accurate and appropriate for our target audience. Furthermore, the cross-over with other disciplines, such as literature and cinema, allows people to understand how “money makes the world go round” in an immersive way.

Gaming apps, podcasts, educational quizzes, cartoons, an Artificial Intelligence installation: this is how we reach younger people.

Digital events, webinars, debates, live talks are designed for adults to increase their financial culture and awareness on social issues, because it’s never too late to learn!

The Museum also offers teaching activities targeted to schools of all levels, both online and in presence, such as educational visits, labs and role-plays.