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Stunning puzzles, giant soap bubbles, deceiving mirrors, mysterious bridges and more: Check out the fun side of mathematics and put your hands on more than 100 interactive exhibits. The mathematical science centre in Giessen suits people of all ages and is the perfect destination for a weekend-trip of your family.

Experience a different side of mathematics! “Hands-on” is our first objective, which will allow you to really get involved and experience stunning phenomena yourself. Why is one ball faster than the other? How can a bridge be constructed not using any nails, glue, ropes or other tools? How is rolling the dices related to Mozart’s compositions?

The very playful way of dealing with mathematics helps to overcome any reservations people might have facing their “horror”-subject. Being amazed is the first step to get behind the mathematical secrets of the witnessed phenomena. All exhibits are labelled in German and English.

Since the Mathematikum opened its doors in November 2002, our visitor are thrilled not only by the science centre itself, but also by the special events like “Maths for kids” and monthly talk shows taking place in our show room.

In addition, both our coffee and snack bar are waiting to refresh you and our shop offers a large variety of pocket-experiments, books and our unique math-wear! Maths definitely makes happy! Wanna bet?

Open 7 days a week!