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Mammuti Co. Sp. z o.o.

With big blocks from Mammutico® you can create an interactive workshop exhibition in your science centre! Mammutico® blocks can also be used as a mobile loose parts playground, part of an outdoor activity space or turn into an occasional pop-up playground.

Mammutico® blocks come with creativity in the set!

We put together workshop scenarios that engage kids and adults to cooperate and invent ANYthing they imagine.

We put "Play for all" motto into practise!

Mammutico Foam™ is very soft and light, so it facilitates cooperation between participants of different abilities and from different generations.

Mammuti Co. Sp. z o.o. was estabished in 2016 in Poland by Dominik Berliński - RPII playgroud inspector and standards specialist. From the very beginning, we are focused on the best user experience and open ended play&learning. Mammutico® products work successfully in many science centres and museums. For example, for The Museum of Engineering and Technology in Cracow we created an entire separate workshop area – all the way from the design to the final, ready-to-use space, including dedicated lesson scenarios and trainings for the museum educators.

Mammutico® foam blocks are manufactured in Poland from EU-sourced material that has been tested by international laboratories such as TÜV Rheinland and Intertek. They are very light, flexible and durable (3 years warranty). They are easy to clean and can be disinfected. Our products can be used in water and temperatures between -80°C and +90°C.

If you have your own project of foam blocks we can produce it too!