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The Malta Crafts Foundation

The Malta Crafts Foundation is a public organisation, established in 2021, dedicated to enabling the preservation and appreciation of Maltese artisanal products. The Foundation is also tasked with providing support to crafts persons, to develop their skills and creativity in order to safeguard their interests and entrepreneurial value as custom manufacturers. Guided by three main pillars - Promotion, Education and Innovation - the Foundation aims to nurture an ecosystem which allows artisans based in Malta to embrace current challenges, transforming them into opportunities to ensure the sustainability of the artisan sector, particularly the traditional crafts that form an integral part of Maltese Heritage.

Aims and objectives of the Malta Crafts Foundation:

  • promote a steady interest, appreciation and promotion of Maltese crafts in particular and in Maltese crafts in general among all sectors of the community both resident and foreign;
  • support and safeguard the interests of craftsmen through the promotion of studies for the identification of raw materials, design, market research and sales programs;
  • establish international contacts with the aim of enhancing Maltese crafts;
  • promote the creation of opportunities for the production of Maltese craft products;
  • create opportunities for the promotion, sale and recognition of authentic Maltese craft products and to promote such opportunities;
  • keep abreast with European and international developments in the field of crafts and to participate in the relevant fora as necessary;
  • stimulate innovation in Maltese crafts with the creation of training opportunities for the different sectors;
  • collaborate with various Educational Institutions in the promotion of Maltese crafts and artisan skills;
  • promote the development of artisan skills amongst students and young people, including by means of appropriate training and education;
  • tap into European funds and European funded projects in the achievement of the assigned responsibilities.