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20 years of commitment to mediating science for all with ambition and creativity.

Since 1999, La Rotonde, the center for scientific, technical and industrial culture of the Ecole des Mines of Saint-Etienne, has been increasing the number of projects and actions for dissemination and interaction with the sciences for all audiences. A laboratory of ideas and experiments, La Rotonde is carrying out a science mediation project in close connection with the public to discover, experiment, create, inform, interact, share, question and develop an essential value: curiosity . La Rotonde is a human adventure to be experienced with family, class, friends, group or alone accompanied by professional mediators. At La Rotonde we give a major place to quality mediation to be as close as possible to the public. In places open to all, we welcome you and support you to immerse yourself in today's world while imagining that of tomorrow. At La Rotonde, we are committed to allowing audiences to develop their critical thinking, to think for themselves, to ask questions, to experiment, to participate, to open up the field of possibilities, to make mistakes, to analyze, debate ... be an actor in your discovery! With La Rotonde we ask questions, we provide answers, we laugh, we discover, we marvel, we are surprised, we exchange everything in a friendly, benevolent atmosphere bathed in curiosity.

The actions of La Rotonde are reflected in:

- Management and animation of two science center (Soucpue and Explora)

- The creation of scientific culture resources (exhibitions, digital books, magazines, videos, educational trunks, etc.)

- Popular science mediation events (Researchers' Night, Science Festival, etc.) - Promoting regional research

- National expertise in science education

- Citizen meetings and innovative debates on science

-Cultural collaborations throughout the territory La Rotonde is positioned as a cultural cooperation gear in a large ecosystem. It strives to strengthen its presence with young people, residents, educational and research establishments, businesses, associations, cultural players ... La Rotonde is asserting itself as a major player in the development of the CSTI in the region and beyond by focusing its project on three main areas:

La Rotonde, a mediation center, offers 3 meeting places between science and the public:

- "Soucoupe", an exhibition space, events

- "Explora" a space to DO science, manipulate, imagine and create

- "Outside the walls" to be as close as possible to the territories and the public

La Rotonde, a creation center, is committed to imagining and creating scientific culture resources and thus supplying national and international networks: exhibitions, escape games, books, digital resources, educational trunks, workshops ...

La Rotonde, a cooperation center, promotes associations and collaborations to combine views, approaches, and develop transdisciplinarity and complementarity. Real gear, it facilitates interactions between different worlds; culture, industry, higher education, tourism, research, education, businesses ... Because science allows us to open up to the world, to understand its complexity, La Rotonde engages in action to empower us to act.

Science for everyone everywhere, this is our motivation!

La Rotonde - Center for scientific, technical and industrial culture School of Mines of Saint-Etienne, 158 cours fauriel, 42,000 Saint-Étienne T. 04 77 42 02 78 http://www.larotonde-sciences.com/


Twitter: @RotondeSciences