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Effektschmiede GmbH

Our passion for physical phenomena and experimentation is what animates us. Our relentless thirst for invention is what connects us. And our desire to work creatively alongside one another is what excites us.

Who we are

Effektschmiede is a Cologne-based art collective, a manufacture of experiences, and a laboratory, all in one. Effektschmiede works with natural phenomena and develops installations for science centres, museums, gardens, parks, and public spaces.

As an experience-factory and artistic collective, our work is about inspiring astonishment and inviting people to dream. It plays with fire and water, light and mist, voltage and energy. All installations correspond with the highest technical standards, are tailor-made for the specific space and situation, and all are individually planned and conceived by Judith Mann and her team.

What unites us: the fun of experimenting, the intellectual challenge of thinking through complex processes, playful interaction with natural phenomena, creative tinkering and composition, and the pleasure in skilled manual work.

How we work

Our goal is to astound and amaze adults and children and awaken their curiosity about scientific knowledge through experiments and discovery. We stage spectacular illusions to offer new perspectives and sensory experiences.

Our customers appreciate the high quality of our works and our capacity for complex and solution-orientated thinking. We do not supply mass-produced goods, but timeless and long-lasting, made-to-measure solutions. Because we are a small team, we are nimble and can change our direction of thought at any time. For us, every commission is a welcome challenge.

Where to find us

Our exhibits can be found in science centres, museums, private collections, and public parks around the world. We operate globally and design, conceive, and produce––whenever possible––locally in our workshop in Cologne, Germany.

For further information and references, please visit our website or just get in touch with us:


Telephone: +49 221 9926442

E-mail: judith.mann[at]effektschmiede.de