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Cité des Sciences à Tunis

Located along «the boulevard Mohamed Bouazizi» leading directly to the Tunis-Carthage international airport, the Tunis Science City’s objective is to disseminate scientific culture to every category of the population, and particularly to youngsters Covering 6 ha, the Tunis Science City is divided by a pedestrian footbridge about 600m.long linking two poles: the Universe represented by the Planetarium, to the North, and the Botanical garden, to the South. The footbridge, the roof of which formed by a glass-made-aqueduct, is used as a passage way by the public to the different areas of the Tunis Science City. The indoor exhibition areas include :

  • The Planetarium, seating 120 very comfortably. It has recently been equipped with digital fulldome video systems, offering the public the opportunity to be embarked on an astronomical adventure.
  • The Earth and the Universe pavilion, where hands-on interactive displays help visitors to get a better grasp of astronomical concepts,
  • Life and Man on Earth pavilion, offering an evolutionary view of life on Earth from the beginning to the present,
  • Explora pavilion including 96 props dealing with physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry,
  • Temporary exhibitions pavilion dedicated to house, for a limited period, thematic exhibitions.

There are also other key exhibits illustrating the educational mission of the Tunis Science City. They are as follows:

  • The Crown of the main entrance,
  • The Foucault’s pendulum,
  • Clepsydra or water clock,
  • The Noria or paddle-wheel.

The Tunis Science City also disseminates science, by its travelling exhibitions, mini-planetarium and an Astro-bus, even to the interior of the country. Many other important parts in the Tunis Science City are worthy of mentioning:

  • The Multi media library with two sections; the children media section and the public media section,
  • The Information Access Center, composed of three areas: a conference room, a training room and a cyber space, gives a free access to Information and Communication Technologies.
  • the Conference Centre fitted with a high-tech projection equipment and visio conference system.
  • Accommodation with 30 rooms,
  • The Restaurant and Cafeteria.