Bursa Science and Technology Centre

Bursa Science and Technology Center is Turkey’s the most comprehensive science center, offering nearly 150 specially designed galleries, testing exhibits and robotic, electric and electronic workshops.

The center inaugurated on 21st of October 2012 where presents scientific principles in an easy, understandable and entertaining way. The center is open for creativity and gets young people's attention to science and technology. All age groups are welcomed in the center to explore and interact with the facilities.

After a year, on 25th of January 2014, Bursa Science and Technology Center has been put into service at its new building. The total area of Bursa Science and Technology Center campus is 20,999.58 m2; consisting of parking area, garden, outdoor exhibition and 8900m2 closed area.
In this closed area; there are planetarium, 3D cinema, 3.400 m2 exhibition area (almost 170 hands-on exhibits and special design galleries), chemistry & physics labs, workshop areas for robotics-archeology-chemistry and physics, seminar hall, office rooms, first aid room, child care room, place of worship, café, store, lounge areas.