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Barcelona Ciència - Institut de Cultura de Barcelona

Barcelona City Council included in its Culture Strategic Plan new accents 2006 the promotion of science as an inseparable part of culture through the consolidation of the Barcelona Science Program to approach science and technology to society. Main objectives include to propitiate the relationship between research centres and different cultural agents of the city, to promote scientific activities addressed to a general public, so that the presence of science becomes habitual in cultural centres and city spaces, to facilitate links between science and schools in order to encourage curiosity for the discovery and the emergence of scientific vocation, to support scientific dissemination programs from research centres and associations and to contribute to their communication, and to position Barcelona as a “city of science” beyond the strictly local area. Barcelona Science Program manages different projects as a Science Festival (Festa de la Ciència), EscoLab (Schools at Lab), special outreach programs as Barcelona Neuroscience, and an information platform in the web which includes an activities agenda and some content related with the current science.