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Barcelona Ciència i Universitats. Ajuntament de Barcelona

Barcelona Science and Universities is the initiative of the Barcelona City Council to promote knowledge and to involve citizens in its development. Its main objective is to involve both research professionals and citizens in the approach, processes and results of research, under criteria such as ethics, transparency, equality and open access to knowledge. Based on this vision, the city becomes the stage where science and society meet to have dialogue, to understand and advance together, and to make a combined effort to confront the local and global challenges of the 21st century.

Barcelona Science and Universities leads different projects aimed to promote scientific activities addressed to a general public, so that the presence of science becomes habitual in cultural centres and city spaces, to facilitate links between science and schools in order to encourage curiosity and the emergence of scientific vocations as the City and Science Biennale, the Science Festival and EscoLab (Schools at Lab). Furthermore, it supports citizen science by advising, accompanying and promoting projects that want to work in the city and its Metropolitan Area as well as bringing citizens and research closer together.through the Barcelona Citizen Science Office.