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Amcsti: the French national network of science centres and museums

Amcsti (association of museums and centres for the development of scientific, technical and industrial culture) brings together around 250 scientific, technical and industrial culture organisations. It is also the key international network in France. The diversity and complementary of the affiliate groups (whatever their size, specificity, thematic or localization) give to the association all of its originality and wealth.

Thus, Amcsti brings together within its program all types sort of scientific, technical and industrial culture institutions that work in the Csti field.

  • natural history museums, open air museums;
  • Science centres;
  • Planetariums, aquariums, zoos, nature centres,
  • Child Science Education and Youth Centres;
  • Universities and research bodies;
  • Local authorities;
  • Foundations, service providers, companies;
  • Individual members of the general public.

Beyond their essential role in culture, education and citizenship, all these actors represent a considerable force in terms of employment, economic impact and training.

Amcsti is composed of active members divided in to three different colleges :

  • College A : Entities whose activity is in line with scientific, technical and industrial culture
  • College B : Entities whose activity is in line with research, technical subjects and industry
  • College C : Individual member of the general public who are interested in AMCSTI’s activities All member are invited to participate in AMCSTI’s activities, projects and especially in
  • Clubs/workshops : Association Club, Science Centre Club, science and society museum workshops, University and research body workshops.

The Annual and General Assembly meets at least once a year but mainly during the Annual Congress, to organise elections if necessary, and to debate on the legal status of the Association, the financial position, the yearly legal brief and the project policies of the Association.

The Association is governed by an Administrative board whose elected members represent the diversity and the wealth of the Association. This governing board is made up of 15 people from College A, 3 from the College B and 2 from College C. The president of the Association and the other members of the office, are elected by the governing board.

The Association’s program is run by permanent staff assisted by project managers when needed. President : Mrs. Christine Welty, Director of La Nef des Sciences, Mulhouse Science Centre

Amcsti activities

  • Provide data and information to its members
  • “Se compter pour compter” (= yearly inventory of key-figures of each members in order to demonstrate the weight and impact of our field)
  • Bulletin de l’Amcsti (bulletin-amcsti.fr): in-depth articles written by members or invited writers (scientists, authors, etc.)
  • National web portal: Aggregator of local and regional agendas, made in partnership with Universcience
  • Increase networking and mutualisation
  • Amcsti Annual conference: focus on strategically topics; 200 attendees representing all stakeholders involved in science culture and science communication in France.
  • Amcsti Annual awards: 3 awards Prix Diderot de l’initiative culturelle (Diderot cultural initiative prize): 1 confirmed + 1 young association/institution. Diderot-Curien Prize given to a personality engaged in science communication and/or science culture.
  • Influence national governance and local authorities Publication of the White Book “for a new governance of scientific & technical culture in France” as a contribution to the national Forum of scientific culture organized by Universcience (Sept.10)

Amcsti takes part in the national steering committee for a new governance of STC.

Amcsti maintains strong relationships with local authorities all over France, thanks to its members and the dedicated club

Amcsti & Europe

  • Amcsti is the french NCP Science with and for society
  • Connection with FP7 Science in Society national working group
  • Amcsti is an ECSITE full member
  • Amcsti invites European colleagues in its annual conference (i.e. in Mons, in Belgium, where the conference focused on EU relationships)
  • Some relationships with other national networks (UK)
  • 2012 Amcsti Annual conference will be occur alongside the Ecsite 2012 pre-conference (Toulouse, France, 29-30 May 2012)