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AmbienteParco impresa sociale srl

AmbienteParco is a Science Centre focused on sustainability located in a beautiful public park just outside the historical centre of Brescia. AmbienteParco is engaging people of all ages in a journey of discovery of sustainability through science and technology and hands-on exhibitions. The exhibition spaces’ dimensions are 1,200 m2 indoors and 12,000 m2 outdoors with a small maintenance workshop and training rooms. The permanent collection includes over 50 interactive exhibits and displays, organized by different guided tours, or Labs – Natur.Acqua water exhibition – Gioco.Lab on water energy – Smart.Living with Eco.Logical House and Eco.cubes (on energy saving) – LCA (needs, production, conservation, transport & packaging) – Filo.conduttore (on renewable energy) – Mate.Labs – Wonder.Food.Land on nutrition and Go.Green on mobility. Moreover, AmbienteParco has two travelling exhibitions (Go.Green on mobility and Precious.Plastic) offered to schools that find it difficult to visit the Centre. Our extensive not formal learning programme is directly linked to the National Curricula. Our extensive public programme includes interactive shows, storytelling, guided tours and science demonstrations and investigations. The Learning team additionally delivers funded projects, exploring innovative education practices and new learning technologies, and develops partnership projects with science researchers, industry, education specialists and other science communicators. AmbienteParco STEM Learning supports the teaching of science, maths, engineering, technology and computing. We offer consultancy, coaching and mentoring in schools as well as a range of courses for enhancing professional skills and keeping up to date with the latest developments in education, boosting scientific literacy and engagement and helping all students to achieve their full potential. Leading a Science Dissemination Partnership, AmbienteParco also delivers the Science Dissemination programme in association with our partner organisations from the Municipality. Generally AmbienteParco organises edutainment activities and workshops for schools and summer schools on water, air, mobility, electricity, renewable energies. 20,000 visitors from schools each year is our target. Business and private companies too choose AmbienteParco as a venue for their meetings, workshops and conferences.