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The 2023 Ecsite Conference 15-17 June 2023 at the Mediterranean Convention Centre in Valetta, Malta, hosted by Esplora Interactive Science Centre.

Take a look at the inspiring programme of sessions, networking meetings and social events.

09:00 - 17:45

Activity Workshop Level 1
Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi
Science ♥ society
Ana NoronhaChristophe ChaffardonTobias WolffSandra Benítez HerreraMarkus Kissler Patig María MenéndezFiorella ColioloFanny Le BruchecDaniel ScukaClara Cruz Niggebrugge

Access the pre-conference programme here

What role can space play in supporting...

Activity Building Level 0
Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi
Greta AlliajSara MiraTiffany Alnefelt‫Chagit TishlerMaya HalevyKamil Wachol

Open Schooling is an approach in which purposeful collaborations between schools and their wider communities are built to address relevant local challenges, contribute to community development and promote an active global citizenship. Informal...

Exhibition Building Level 1
Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi
Equity & Inclusion
Amparo Leyman PinoAnnkatrin MeyerBeth HawkinsBronwyn O'ReillyGéraldine DelaforgeDenise King

This is a one-day workshop targeted to exhibit and programme developers who are interested in incorporating an equity lens into their current and future exhibits and programmes. During the workshop, participants will understand the building...

Planetarium Hall
Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi
Exhibit development
Anne PrugnonCaroline JulienDave PattenStephane BerghmansAudrey KorczynskaFabrice JouvenotRoderick Tate

Let’s pave the way toward the future of science communication using immersive digital technologies by creating the experience of tomorrow together! More organisations are investing in temporary and permanent immersive spaces. While these...

Activity Laboratory Level 1
Esplora Interactive Science Centre
Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi
Research, theory & evaluation
Siëlle GramserIlona Iłowiecka-TańskaAnne LandInga SpechtNadine Herrmann

When you walk around a science center and see visitors engaging with interactive exhibits, you imagine that a lot of learning is going on. What unique learning opportunities do interactive exhibits offer? What is the significance of learning by...

14:45 - 17:30

Villa Bighi
Villa Bighi
Dawret Fra Giovanni Bichi

A networking event for CEOs and C-level managers of Ecsite Full and Associate members. Meet the Ecsite Board and discuss current and future challenges of the field.

Pre-booking only: you can only attend this event if you...

18:30 - 20:00

MUZA - Museum of Fine Arts
MUZA National Museum of Art
Merchants Street

Open to all pre- and main Conference speakers and facilitators, upon advance online registration, this is a moment to meet and reunite with colleagues from around the world and to raise a glass to the speakers who will make #Ecsite2023 a unique...