The Nature Group

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  • Chairperson
    I am specialized in landscape ecology, nature conservation and fauna and flora interactions. I have significant experience in working with planning, conduction of biological field surveys and project coordination. I have also worked as a Nature Interpreter and leader of the school services at the Natural History Museum. The task includes design of biological education programs for school classes at all ages and for adults in groups, identifying needs of public information materials, especially IT based. Further, it includes designing, planning and implementation of exhibitions of the museum, large as small scale. Today, Project management and fundraising is my main working field.
  • I am the CEO of Trento's MUSE - Museo delle Scienze. Before MUSE opened in 2013 I was the Director of its predecessor, the Museo Tidentino di Scienze Naturali, where I also served as a curator for several years. I transformed the institution from a local museum to an internationally known network that collaborates with the major European science centres, museums and research universities. MUSE hosted the 2015 Ecsite Annual Conference. I have been sitting on the Ecsite Board since 2011 and I am also a member of its Nature Group's Steering Committee.
  • I have spent my career in both science centres and natural history museums, in which I had various responsibilities, from exhibitions to research to conservation to education. My focus moved from physics and basic science to nature and related societal issues. Making our technologies and our societies able to sustainably use the natural resources is the major challenge we are all facing now. I engaged firmly the RBINS to contribute, through research, policy advice and citizens’ engagement. Within Ecsite I strongly advocate for science centres and natural history museums to join their forces and creativity to address it.