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Your Ethics Decide - Open Licence Installation about Ethics of New and Emerging Technologies

In the ever-evolving landscape of new and emerging technologies, it can be easy to lose track of the ethics of it all. "Ethics by design" means bringing ethical and societal values into the design and development of such technologies, from the very beginning of the development process. And the truth is everyone can have a say! Wondering how? Last year, the EU-funded project TechEthos developed an installation inviting you to explore what is at stake with these technologies, reflect on your values, and actively participate in the conversation. The installation is now available in open licence for all educators and technology enthusiasts to embrace.

What is the TechEthos installation?

"Y/our Ethics Decide", the TechEthos installation, is a standalone exhibit designed to explore the promises, opportunities, promises and boundaries of two technology families: Climate Engineering and Digital Extended Reality (in particular natural language processing). Displayed in six science centres across Europe, it has helped a large number of citizens across Europe understand the importance of ethics in developing new technologies.

Ethics by Design

Building on the "Ethics by design" approach of the TechEthos project, the installation reflects the diverse attitudes, concerns, and values shared by stakeholders and members of the public. It emphasizes critical thinking, responsible research, and awareness of innovation’s impact, making the complex world of emerging technologies relatable, personal, and empowering to the public.

Download Now

Ready to embark on this technological and ethical exploration? Click this link to download the TechEthos exhibition package and start your journey toward a future where ethics and technology harmonize.

TechEthos has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement no. 101006249.



New and emerging technologies bring with them new ethical challenges and societal consequences. TechEthos will develop guidance to ensure the highest ethical standards are adopted at the EU and international levels. In this endeavour, Ecsite members play a crucial role in understanding and further developing societal perspectives through a programme of public engagement events, in-depth dialogues, exhibitions and analyses.