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Women and girls in STEM

  • February 2020
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5 STEM Space activities, resources and lessons. Photo: University of Central Florida

11 February: International Day of Women & Girls in Science

To celebrate the international day of women and girls in science, here are some useful resource links from American universities that discuss women and girls in the STEM field. These resources are a great way to continue the conversation about why women and girls are such an important asset in establishing innovation throughout the science and technology community.

American University, Helping Girls Succeed in STEM

The University of Central Florida, 5 STEM Space Activities, Resources and Lessons for Students and Educators

Ohio University, Kindergarten -Grade 12 STEM Lesson Plan Guide

These resources provide audiences with detailed information on the following:

  • Gender inequality statistics in STEM
  • Tips and advice for women in STEM
  • Types of STEM activities to try out for girls in K12 grades
  • How teachers can build effective STEM lesson plans
  • STEM resources for teachers and educators

...... and much more!


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