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TrendsWatch2018: The Scenario Edition

  • February 2019
  • Education & learning
  • EU and governance
  • Report

The Center for the Future of Museums' annual forecasting report, from the American Alliance of Museums.

This instalment of the American Alliance of Museums’ annual forecasting report takes a break from their usual format. Rather than exploring five or six trends and their implications for society and for museums, this year the report present four stories of the future, designed to strengthen museum planning.

TrendsWatch 2018 presents four scenarios that illustrate challenges and opportunities that museums may face in coming decades:

  • Our Bright Future: Idealists and pragmatists work together to build a sustainable world
  • Fragmentation: Underground activists fight for equity, privacy, and economic reform
  • A New Equilibrium: Making the best of a world that’s a lot like today only more so
  • Wild Times: In which social service nonprofits save the day

Download the pdf below and follow the Center for the Future of Museums' blog.

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