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Take up the cause of Ocean Literacy with Sea Change!

  • April 2017
  • Education & learning
  • Topics in science
  • Practical guide or toolkit

The Ocean is Planet Earth’s life support system: its environmental, social, economic, medical and health benefits cannot be overstated. And yet, to a large extent, we remain unaware of the ocean’s influence on us and our influence on the ocean. This is what the concept of Ocean Literacy (OL) wants to address.

By encouraging a better understanding of this inextricable connection between us and the ocean, the Sea Change project aims to create ocean-literate citizens that feel empowered to adopt environmentally conscious behaviours and protect the precious resources the ocean provides for us all.

Our latest resource package makes it easy for science centres and museums and educators to integrate and promote Ocean Literacy in their activities by presenting in one handy guide:

  • A comprehensive collection of available Sea Change resources
  • A useful list of relevant international thematic days
  • Concrete suggestions of activities and actions for Ocean Literacy events

Download the resource available below and help us make a “sea change” today!

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