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Tackling Misinformation

  • April 2020
  • Education & learning
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Tackling Misinformation - Cover

At the Ecsite Conference held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in June 2019, a pre-conference workshop was held entitled "Beyond fact-checking: addressing misinformation". This workshop brought together practitioners in science engagement alongside researchers on the topic of misinformation from across Europe and beyond to focus on that topic.

Following this workshop, Ecsite, and The Kavli Foundation who supported it, decided to put together this resource document, for anyone developing or implementing activities or exhibitions working to engage the public in science.

This document has been compiled based on interviews with the researchers and practitioners that participated in the workshop, as well as with other experts whose work was mentioned in these conversations. It is intended as a resource document rather than an academic text, sharing evidence, recommendations, practical tools and examples from across the sector while still acknowledging that consensus on many of the questions raised is not yet widespread.

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