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Synthetic Biology Learning Platform

Synenergene Workshop, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw, 1-4 September 2016 Credit: Wojciech Surdziel/Copernicus Science Center

Materials about synthetic biology and its socio-scientific issues for teachers and science communication professionals who want to facilitate and support their publics in an open dialogue about this emerging science.

The materials have been divided into 5 categories

  • Classroom activities: Lesson modules and teaching materials;
  • Activities for informal settings: Non-school-based materials and events on synthetic biology;
  • Auxiliary materials: Guidelines, manuals and tips for dialogue;
  • Subject information: Basic and more in-depth information about synthetic biology;
  • Socio-ethical aspects: Information on the potential impact of synthetic biology on society.


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This project engaged stakeholders and the public in an open dialogue concerning synthetic biology’s potential benefits and risks and explored possibilities for its “collaborative shaping” on the basis of public participation. Ecsite brought together stakeholders to share expertise, learn from each other and develop a common understanding of crucial aspects of synthetic biology, later used to create and deliver public engagement activities.