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Steer towards the future

  • May 2020
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Miraikan's 'Steer towards the future' workshop in action, 2019

Ecsite member Miraikan: The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, has launched their workshop resource in order to support other organisations wishing to promote sustainability in their education programmes.

Their “Steer towards the future!” workshop was first designed for the Science Centre World Summit 2017 (SCWS2017), held in Miraikan itself. The organisation provides everything required for this workshop which has been played throughout Japan and in other countries too. “Steer towards the future!” was inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This “cooperative game”-style workshop is aimed at school students between 10-18 years old and teaches them how to achieve a sustainable, global society, with other countries, through direct dialogue. Players are divided into five groups (virtual countries) and try to protect their own country, as leaders, from hazardous events related to Climate Change. Players experience the importance and difficulty of "Partnerships", which are essential to achieve the SDGs.

The organisation has already received lots of positive feedback from participants such as, “I could raise my awareness of global issues” and “besides enjoying the game, we could learn the difficulties of cooperation with other nations under different situations.”

Miraikan is now kindly sharing all materials in the hope that this workshop will be conducted in a wide variety of locales. As agreed in the Tokyo Protocol by science museums around the world, strength originates through cooperation and they encourage all organisations globally to share their resources to steer us towards a better direction, together.

All materials and a guidebook for facilitators are available by sending an email including the following information:
1. Name, 2. Affiliation, 3. E-mail address, 4. Purpose for using the materials

For further information, please head to the organisation's website.


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