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Social justice and out-of-school science learning

  • June 2017
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Published in Science Education (April 2017)

Research suggests that participation in out-of-school science learning is not equitable but marked by advantage in social axes of age, social class, and ethnicity.
For this reason, the author, Emily Dawson, outlines how ideas from social justice, in combination with other concepts of infrastructure access and literacies and community acceptance, can help us understand how equity issues are woven through out-of-school science learning practices

In this paper, she focused primarily on the contrasting worlds of television and science clubs as out-of-school science learning contexts. While using “science” as an umbrella term for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics related subjects, the author also kept both adults and youth in mind when writing about equity and out-of-school science learning, since it can be quite a broad term, used to describe different activities, participants, aims, and practices.

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