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Seeing Nano novel visualisation tools:

2 Apps have been developed for mobiles:

· The Seeing Nano App: A revolutionary tool that allows you to explore every day products at the nanoscale using augmented reality. Users are able to slowly zoom in on an item, such as a LCD screen, until they reach the nanoscale and can see how applied nanomaterials are being used. Currently the app can be used with 2 items: a car piston and an LCD screen. It can be downloaded from the Play Store and from Itunes.

· Nano Scopic: The Nano Memory game has its online version. This app allows you to play the Memory game on your mobile, on your own or with others. It can be downloaded from the Play Store and from Itunes.

These resources were produced in September 2016



The SeeingNano project  objective was to create novel visualisation tools for enhanced nanotechnology awareness. Social scientists, nano scientists and visualisation experts collaborated to develop tools allowing different target audiences to “see at the nano scale” thus engaging with the breadth of nanotechnologies and the uncertainties and potential risks connected to them. A public repository of tools and best practices is now available on the project's website and in our resources section.