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Science communication for the 21st century

  • October 2013
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Anne Glover at the 3rd PLACES conference, Torino, Italy, June 2013. Photo by Silvia Pastore

In June 2013, Spokes caught up with Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to the European Union, at the 3rd PLACES conference: "Modeling cities of scientific culture", in Torino, Italy.

Interview published in Spokes#1, Fall 2013.

Download the article pdf below.

"We need a different sort of scientist for the 21st century – it’s no good to have the scientist working on their own in the lab and not interacting much with others, apart from other scientists," Glover stated. "I’m painting a very bleak picture there, but we need young people who are enthusiastic about science, when they get their degree, being an expert communicator. And that’s where I think the museums and science centres have the skills that we – and I include myself in this – don’t have." More in the article pdf below.

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Visions for the cities of scientific culture. PLACES facilitated a three-way conversation between science, policy makers and society in Europe. It resulted in a vision for science policy at city level and hundreds of interconnected local networks.