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Reasons for Hosting the Directors Forum with Marjolein van Breemen

Marjolein van Breemen, Director of Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands, gave a webinar sharing her experiences hosting the Ecsite Directors Forum while working at NEMO.

Here are her five standout reasons why you should consider hosting the Directors Forum:

  1. Networking – both the Host and the participants benefit from being surrounded by international CEOs and directors, enabling you to gain new contacts or reconnect with old ones
  2. Spread the word – is your organisation new to the Ecsite community, approaching a big milestone or about to reopen? What better way to get to know people and for them to know you
  3. Hosting a high-profile event – while not as large as the Annual Ecsite Conference, the Directors Forum can give your organisation the opportunity to partner with your local government or other institutions in your area
  4. Less time consuming than you may think – for an event of this calibre, Marjolein swears that the planning process is smooth with support from the Ecsite team, however, she advises to find a Keynote Speaker early!
  5. Personalisation – you have the opportunity to personalise the Forum by creating interesting dialogue within the community on relevant topics that could be close to your organisation

You can also watch the full video here