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In behalf of our members, Ecsite subscribes to newletters and gathers resources that we believe would be beneficial to share.

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1. Newsletters

OECD Education and Skills Newsletter: July 2022

Springer Nature Communicating Science Newsletter: September 2022

Econnect Newsletter: November 2022, on graphics in science communication

2. Good reads & Resources


The KSJ (Knight Science Journalism) Science Editing Handbook

Accessible Social, If you want to make your social media content accessible this is a free resource hub for digital marketers, communications professionals, content creators, and everyday social media users.

Culture to address Global Challenges – the 2022 Recommendation of the Council of Europe

Browse through Ars Electronica 2022 Festival and CyberArts 2022 catalogues

Driving policy around the COVID-19 pandemic: policy briefs exploring the impact of COVID-19 on people and the planet were published by researchers from UWE Bristol’s Science Communication Unit.

Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections, available in 15 languages

Visit Europrivacy for GDPR certification and compliance assessment recognized in all EU jurisdictions.

Check which publishing options are supported by your funder’s OA policy with the Journal Checker Tool

Research papers

Measuring Audiences’ Experiences of awe from Reading Science Stories, a research article on Journalism Practice

Assessing motivations and barriers to science outreach within academic science research settings published in Frontiers in Communications

Organisational and institutional incentives for researchers’ social media communication and public engagement practices from Studies in Communication Sciences

From the University of Vienna: Science Communication at a Time of Crisis: Emergency, Democracy, and Persuasion

Five Notable Failings in Science Communication, an open access paper from ThinkOutsideThe

Public Understanding of Ignorance as Critical Science Literacy from the Centre for Science Communication in Otago, New Zealand

Negotiating Open Science: Structuring Scientific Integrity and Legitimacy through Persuasive Infrastructure, a dissertation by Johanna Cohoon

Public Hugely Underestimate Scientific Consensus on Climate Change, a study from PERITIA

Press articles

ICOM approves a new museum definition for the first time in 50 years, from Blooloop

The European radio telescope NOEMA reaches full power, published by the CNRS

Geneticist Svante Pääbo has been awarded a Nobel prize for his work on evolutionary genetics, the New Scientist

Why do Americans Engage with Science? an article from the Kavli Foundation

Event Legacies: How Events Can Create a Long-lasting Impact, from Meeting Media Group

How will the climate crisis and technology shape the future of museums, from Blooloop

The CNRS and the University of Tokyo launch a new international research centre, from the CNRS

CERN publishes a comprehensive open science policy, a CERN article

LSI Europe 2022 Relaunches Discussion on Medtech Investment, published by Meeting Media Group

The Climate Museum is open as a pop-up in New York, from Blooloop

One hundred-fifty States unanimously adopted an ambitious Declaration for Culture, released by UNESCO

Quantum entanglement theorists win Nobel Prize for loophole-busting experiments, from Popular Science

Discover the Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022

Have a look at the European Young Leaders - class of 2022 from Friends of Europe

Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island is 25% complete, from Blooloop

ESA presents the new generation of astronauts


Essential Skills for Early Career Researchers, Joseph Roche

Science & Theatre: Communicating Science and Technology with Performing Arts, Emma Weitkamp & Carla Almeida

Putting Responsible Research and Innovation into Practice, Vincent Blok, open access

Educational Data Analytics for Teachers and School Leaders, open access


Watch recordings of past PCST Network webinars that capture important international perspectives on science communication

Evaluation of events and programs by the ACT Branch of Australian Science Communicators, 60 minutes, webinar

NEMO Webinar on sustainability in museums, 55 minutes

3. Something different

What's the benefit of open access?, an article in The Conversation

Economic lifeline or climate peril? East African pipeline is a new flashpoint from National Geographic

Cutting Down Ockham's Razor, on OpenMind

Interview with Bruno Latour, on Arte

New ‘ethics guidance’ for top science journals aims to root out harmful research – but can it succeed?, published by The Conversation

Science Has a Communication Problem – and a Connection Problem, from Undark

Why Trust Science?, a podcast episode from the Ideas Podcast series

Nature's special issue: RACISM Overcoming science’s toxic legacy

AI-generated art sparks furious backlash from Japan’s anime community, a Rest of world report

Intersectoral performance-art collective unites research knowledge and lived experience of neurodegenerative disease, by HBHL communications