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In behalf of our members, Ecsite subscribes to newletters and gathers resources that we believe would be beneficial to share.

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1. Newsletters

Earth Science Week Newsletter: January 2023, including Dig Into Earth Science Education With USGS

Econnect Newsletter: November 2022, on graphics in science communication

Springer Nature Communicating Science Newsletter: September 2022

OECD Education and Skills Newsletter: July 2022

2. Good reads & Resources


Practical Guide For Digital Basic Cataloguing - 10 Principles, by NEMO

Cross-Border Cooperation for Museums - From a Project Idea to a Successful Proposal: A Toolkit, by NEMO

Mental Models for Scientists Communicating With the Public, in Issues in Science and Technology by Kara Morgan and Baruch Fischhoff

Best practices for communicating facts in science journalism, by James Breiner in Journalism Basics

Council Resolution on the EU Work Plan for Culture 2023–2026, Official Journal of the European Union

The KSJ (Knight Science Journalism) Science Editing Handbook

Accessible Social, If you want to make your social media content accessible this is a free resource hub for digital marketers, communications professionals, content creators, and everyday social media users.

Culture to address Global Challenges – the 2022 Recommendation of the Council of Europe

Browse through Ars Electronica 2022 Festival and CyberArts 2022 catalogues

Driving policy around the COVID-19 pandemic: policy briefs exploring the impact of COVID-19 on people and the planet were published by researchers from UWE Bristol’s Science Communication Unit.

Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections, available in 15 languages

Visit Europrivacy for GDPR certification and compliance assessment recognized in all EU jurisdictions.

Check which publishing options are supported by your funder’s OA policy with the Journal Checker Tool

NEMO's report on Museums in the climate crisis

Tackling Misinformation, a collection of research and resources for science engagement professionals


How should we organize science communication trainings to achieve competencies? in the International Journal of Science Education. N.B. Free until 31 March.

The Value of Museums in Averting Societal Collapse, a reflective analysis by Robert R. Janes

The importance of promoting scientific advocacy & outreach for trainees an article explaining the benefits of scientific outreach which outlines a curated list of relevant outreach opportunities for trainees.

Measuring Audiences’ Experiences of awe from Reading Science Stories, a research article on Journalism Practice

From the University of Vienna: Science Communication at a Time of Crisis: Emergency, Democracy, and Persuasion

Public Hugely Underestimate Scientific Consensus on Climate Change, a study from PERITIA

Press articles

Charting a course to make maths truly universal from nature

Top 15 new museums opening in 2023 from blooloop

What to Expect in 2023 in AI from Human-Centered Artificial Intellgience at Stanford University

Building V&A East: community and creation in East London from blooloop

Winners of the European Science Journalist of the Year 2022 award announced from EFSJ

The American Museum of Natural History’s Worlds Beyond Earth planetarium show takes off from blooloop

The European radio telescope NOEMA reaches full power, published by the CNRS

Co-design at Young V&A: transforming the Museum of Childhood, from blooloop

Event Legacies: How Events Can Create a Long-lasting Impact, from Meeting Media Group

CERN publishes a comprehensive open science policy, a CERN article

Discover the blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List 2022

Have a look at the European Young Leaders - class of 2022 from Friends of Europe

ESA presents the new generation of astronauts

Revamped Center for Health Communication develops programs to help students and researchers communicate more effectively, from Harvard T.H. Chan

Eureka! Science + Discovery opened to visitors in November, from blooloop

Winners of the blooloop Innovation Awards 2022 have been revealed

Horizon Europe Work Programme 2023-2024 adopted, from NEMO

Space Ambition, ESA Publication

Science barometer 2022, wissenschaft-im-dialog


Essential Skills for Early Career Researchers, Joseph Roche

Science & Theatre: Communicating Science and Technology with Performing Arts, Emma Weitkamp & Carla Almeida

Putting Responsible Research and Innovation into Practice, Vincent Blok, open access

Educational Data Analytics for Teachers and School Leaders, open access


Watch recordings of past PCST Network webinars that capture important international perspectives on science communication

Evaluation of events and programs by the ACT Branch of Australian Science Communicators, 60 minutes, webinar

NEMO Webinar on sustainability in museums, 55 minutes

NEMO Webinar on modern museum practice and climate change, 1hr12min

3. Something different

The Role of Art in Addressing the Climate Crisis With Markus Reymann - Communicating Climate Change podcast episode

Cosmos - Closer To Truth's Exploration, a series of online episodes by Cosmos

Interview with Bruno Latour, on Arte

Why Trust Science?, a podcast episode from the Ideas Podcast series

Intersectoral performance-art collective unites research knowledge and lived experience of neurodegenerative disease, by HBHL communications

What do scientists gain from engaging in public communications?, from EurekAlert!

Research Adjacent, the podcast about and for people who work around research, but don't actually do the research themselves, by Dr Sarah McLusky