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PlayDecide cards on Animal testing

PlayDecide is a card game for simple, respectful & fact-based group discussion.

It enables players to get familiar with a question, see it from different perspectives and form or clarify their own opinion. PlayDecide also invites players to look at issues as a group: can you reach a positive consensus?

A little history:

Born in 2004, the game is being used today in a wide range of dialogue events, by a diverse community of users: secondary school teachers, science engagement professionals, civil society organisations, professional trainers...

Game topics range from vaccination to football refereeing.

In 2009 Playdecide.eu an online platform was developed, enabling users to create, adapt and translate games. This development was made possible by EU-funded project FUND (2009-2011) and extended thanks to EU-funded project Polka (2008-2012).

In 2018 Ecsite decided to give the ageing platform a makeover and funded its redevelopment. New features include an online step by step tool for facilitators, helping them guide players before, during and after the game.

PlayDecide basics:

In the pdf file attached below, you will find a summary of how the game is played.

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FUND was a platform to enable active players in the cities to network and create opportunities for dialogue and engagement with science. The main outcome of the project is a discussion game to talk in a simple and effective way about controversial issues.