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PLACES Impact Assessment Toolkit

  • April 2011
  • Education & learning
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The committee of PLACES researchers coordinated by PLACES partner Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, developed the PLACES Impact Assessment Toolkit to measure science communication initiatives and policies.

The toolkit delivers recommendations for future actions to promote the city of scientific culture in Europe and will be used in a series of case studies to assess the impact of scientific culture initiatives and policies in three contexts:

  • Science centres
  • Science events or festivals
  • Science cities

What is the social impact of collaborative effort in science communication? This is a recurring question among researchers in the field of ¨Science in Society¨ (SiS), politicians and the communicators themselves. Due to the various limitations placed on this type of research, this question is a difficult one to answer. The PLACES Impact Assessment Toolkit, brought to you by the Ecsite-coordinated PLACES Project, endeavours to answer this question.


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Visions for the cities of scientific culture. PLACES facilitated a three-way conversation between science, policy makers and society in Europe. It resulted in a vision for science policy at city level and hundreds of interconnected local networks.