Monitoring Policy Final synthesis report and Research Activities on Science in Society in Europe (MASIS)

  • June 2012
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A 2012 report published by the European Commission - download the pdf below.

Authors: Niels Mejlgaard, Carter Bloch, Lise Degn, Tine Ravn Mathias W. Nielsen

This report provides an overview of results emerging from the Europeanwide project on ‘Monitoring Policy and Research Activities on Science in Society in Europe’ (MASIS). It synthetizes results from 38 national reports on science in society. 38 participating countries, covering the EU and countries associated with the Seventh Framework Programme, have provided extensive information on national research efforts, policies, and communication activities relating to science in society, different models and use of scientific advice and expertise for policy making, and activities related to assessment and ethical issues of science and technology. The final synthesis report at hand provides information on cross-cutting issues and trends in Europe relating to science in society, based on analyses of the national reports.



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