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Measuring the Impact of a Science Centre on Its Community

  • June 2011
  • Education & learning
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This 2011 study (supported by the Noyce Foundation and California Science Center) examined the impact of a single Science Center (the California Science Center) on science learning.

By Falk & Needleham in Journal of Research in Science Teaching., 48, 1-12. Abstract and link to download here.

The study focused on two questions. First, who in Los Angeles (L.A.) has visited the California Science Center and what factors best describe those who have and those who have not visited? Second, does visiting the California Science Center impact public science understanding, attitudes, and behaviours and if so, in what ways? Longitudinal data were collected across multiple years through the use of random telephone surveys of L.A. county samples drawn from diverse communities. The research described in this article builds on two previous studies: a 1996 qualitative investigation conducted in shopping malls, libraries, and parks throughout greater L.A. and a 1997 telephone survey in greater L.A.


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