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On the hunt for that special object that will encapsulate your museum experience at the Science Museum shop, London.

This Spokes collection brings together articles on branding, marketing, corporate partnerships and sponsorships.

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Feature articles

Science Museum Group’s science show event, taking place in a retail space

Interviews published in Spokes #61, March 2020

Science centres and museums are branching out into shopping centres; four science engagement professionals share the advantages and pitfalls of such a task| Estimated reading time: 10 minutes
Education & learning
Spokes, shopping centres, science engagement, outreach
FRida & freD's own logo...

Interviews published in Spokes #10, August 2015

Can science centres be power brands? Discover what it takes to win a special place in consumers' hearts and minds| Estimated reading time: 12 minutes (6 min per interview)
branding, design, marketing, market research, rebranding, megabrand, power brand, Spokes
A Facebook post served to recruit models for a photo shooting at Technorama

Interviews published in Spokes #35, November 2017

Four experts share their tips to get the most out of your online communication channels| Estimated reading time: 13 minutes (3-5 min per interview)
Online Marketing, communication, trends, museum, science centre, Spokes
Copernicus (Warsaw, Poland), developed a new membership scheme in 2015

Interviews published in Spokes #15, January 2016

We are under pressure to diversify income sources. Individual donors are a new ingredient for a healthy fundraising mix| Estimated reading time: 10 minutes (2-4 min per interview)
fundraising, donors, giving, crowdfunding, philanthropy, membership scheme, Spokes
Together with Copernicus, Samsung launched the Coding Master’s zone, the first publicly accessible zone where everyone could learn the basics of programming free of charge.

Interviews published in Spokes #45, October 2018

Mission alignment and co-creation are gaining momentum, share seven professionals| Estimated reading time: 23 minutes (3-4 min per interview)
Education & learning
sponsorships, corporate partners, CSR, co-creation, Spokes

Feature article by Ian Blatchford published in Spokes #24, November 2016

Museum Director Ian Blatchford responds to criticism of new interactive gallery sponsored by an oil company
sponsorship, shell, partnerhsip, corporate
In Depth
Rooftop restaurant DAK at the NEMO Science Museum, Amsterda. Pic: Wouter van der Sar

Feature article by Julie Becker published in Spokes #23, October 2016

Cafés and shops as brand ambassadors and mission delivery agents| Estimated reading time: 38 minutes
café, shop, restaurant, visitor experience, income, mission, branding, dialogue, healthy eating, making, Spokes