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KOBI - Learning tool for the beginning readers

KOBI Learning tool for the beginning readers

Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. That's exactly what the founders of KOBI started to do when they looked for ways to help their dyslexic child with learning to read.

Through lots of ideas and experimentation they not only found the perfect trick that triggered the little learning brain in just the right way. It also proved that it significantly helped children who experience reading difficulties in general. That's when the personal mission to create KOBI started, as an iOS and Android app for the beginning readers. The app is being used by 90 Slovenian schools and is free to try for individual users. There also is a free to use web plugin to help children browse the web. As of July 2019, it is available in Slovenia, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Ireland, and UK (more countries will be added in the future).

Many children have great difficulty automating the correct recognition of similar shapes. Colour helps the brain to distinguish letters faster and the child is able to progress. Kobi takes on any text with adjustable colouring of individual letters. This intervention significantly contributes to successful decoding, comprehension and boosts motivation of the child. In time, this leads to reading fluency and a better understanding of what was read.


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