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KiiCS arts&science incubation in action videos

KiiCS project - Installation at the Kapelica Gallery (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Philip Ross: “Juniors’ Returns”, 2006. © Miha Fras / Kapelica Gallery archive


The KiiCS project gathers scientists and artists to test original arts&science incubation processes, explore new forms of innovation and bring science closer to society through artistic creativity.
The most innovative ideas have been awarded the European KiiCS Award for Arts and Science.

Promotional video

Incubation actions for adults video

Incubation actions for Young Adults video


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KiiCS ended at the end of January 2015: the last month was dedicated to reporting and ensuring the project’s legacy. Nine art-science-business innovation incubators were created thanks to KiiCS, and some of the project ideas developed by participants are living on and might turn into businesses in the future. A great arts & science incubation guide is available to all online.