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Genes and Machines

  • June 2017
  • Topics in science
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Genes and Machines

The brochure was co-produced by iGEM Team Warsaw (Aleksandra Bartosik, Marcin Ziemniak, Jakub Piatkowski) and the biological laboratory of the Copernicus Science Center
(Elżbieta Turek, Stanisław Łoboziak), within the SYNENERGENE program – Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Synthetic Biology,

This publication aims to popularize the knowledge about synthetic biology. This is a new fast-growing scientific discipline that was inspired by the idea of designing and creating artificial biological systems. They can be modeled on systems that occur in nature or built from the scratch using genetic engineering.

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This project engaged stakeholders and the public in an open dialogue concerning synthetic biology’s potential benefits and risks and explored possibilities for its “collaborative shaping” on the basis of public participation. Ecsite brought together stakeholders to share expertise, learn from each other and develop a common understanding of crucial aspects of synthetic biology, later used to create and deliver public engagement activities.