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Food Forever

  • May 2020
  • Education & learning
  • Practical guide or toolkit
The Food Forever toolkit is available from the BGCI

The Food Forever Toolkit

BGCI has developed a core set of 14 display panels for general use that cover many of our planet’s current food issues. These panels stress the importance of crop diversity and food security to people around the world. The panels have been designed to be adaptable for different places and to be able to incorporate local and regional messages. By providing the templates and design files, gardens can adapt for their individual situations with production and printing taking place locally. The accompanying toolkit document provides advice and ideas on how to develop your exhibition using these panels.

The toolkit document can be downloaded below. The templates, images and fonts referred to in this document are available from BGCI on request (to develop your own Food Forever exhibition). Please contact Helen Miller to receive the full template resources.

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