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The Electrick Show, Pop-up Heureka

This Spokes collection is home to articles exploring face to face interactions in science engagement: festivals, science shows, explainers, dialogue events...


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Feature articles

In Depth
The audience attending a show at the Einstein’s Island – Isola Polvese, Trasimeno Lake Italy. Photographer: Marco Giugliarelli

Feature article by Leonardo Alfonsi published in Spokes #32, August 2017

Roving reflections on the future of science events| Estimated reading time: 18 minutes
festivals, Events, science engagement, Spokes
The Electrick Show, Pop-up Heureka

Interviews published in Spokes #51, April 2019

The field is evolving, argue our interviewees| Estimated reading time: 35 minutes (5-9 minutes per interview)
Topics in science
Spokes, science shows, festivals, storytelling
Concert and conference on Jim Morrison, Nietzsche and the Greek Poets as part of SHARPER project 2017

Interviews published in Spokes #44, September 2018

Snapshots of the European Researchers’ Night: evolution and future challenges| Estimated reading time: 27 minutes (2-12 min per interview)
Researchers' Night, science engagement, european commission, Spokes
In Depth
‘Reversed’ science café in Bonn, Germany, as part of the Sparks project © WILA Bonn

Feature article by Bálint Balázs published in Spokes #24, November 2016

Did a grassroot movement turn into a buzzword for public engagement?| Estimated reading time: 15 minutes
Education & learning, EU and governance
science café, public engagement, trends, policy, dialogue, Participation, Spokes