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EU-commissioned study on audience development

  • May 2017
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How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organisations?
That was the question raised by a 2017 study aiming to bring citizens under the spotlight, on an equal footing with artists and cultural organisations.

The study was developed by Fondazione Fitzcarraldo together with Culture Action Europe, ECCOM and Intercult, and promoted through an open call for tender by the European Commission.

Its goal was to analyse organisations strongly focused on audience work to learn how they managed the shift towards an audience centred approach. This would allow equipping other leaders with the means to become more audience-centric by creating an overview of successful approaches and methods in the area of audience development.  The dissemination of these practices was also meant so that they may serve as a basis for future EU calls for proposals.  

This overview resulted in an analytical catalogue and a practical guide on how to make a step by step transition towards an audience-centric organization. The final communication and dissemination package is comprised of several materials: a final report, a catalogue with case studies, two summaries, and two guides with key recommendations for audience development. This resulting bibliography may be used internally towards boards of directors, communication and artistic departments, etc, or even externally, for public authorities, patrons… 

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