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ESA resources on the James Webb Space Telescope

  • November 2021
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Image of the Webb Space Telescope on an Ariane 5. Copyright ESA/ D. Ducros

Webb, the next ESA mission

The James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) is the next great space science observatory following Hubble, designed to answer outstanding questions about the Universe and to make breakthrough discoveries in all fields of astronomy. Webb will see farther into our origins: from the formation of stars and planets, to the birth of the first galaxies in the early Universe. Webb is an international partnership between NASA, ESA and CSA. The telescope will launch on an Ariane 5 from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana in December 2021.

Over the last few months, ESA has produced a wide range of resources that can be used by museums and science centres in supporting their activities to discover, promote and organise events on Webb, including:

A set of 11 images giving an overview of the James Webb Space Telescope for projection or print. To download and print the panels, click on each image separately to open a new window and choose the PDF version.
Files are available in print-ready version format 84 x 47 cm

ESA Webb Launch Kit in 6 languages

ESA Webb Brochure in 6 languages, digital print and interactive versions


Impression of Webb's journey to Space
Webb NIRSpec multi-object spectrograph
Webb MIRI spectroscopy animation

...and many more videos too!

Broadcast quality footage:

The Webb launch campaign


ESA's Flickr album dedicated to the James Webb Space Telescope

...plus further Webb photos on the ESA website.

You can find out more about Webb here


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