A guideline on how to reach your STEM education stakeholders efficiently

The Reach Out Toolkit is based on two years research and is intended to project managers and project coordinators running initiatives to improve learning and teaching of STEM in formal education (schools) and informal education (science centres, museums, fairs, events). It gives information on how to plan and implement dissemination and exploitation strategies. The Toolkit also provide recommendations on how to make a difference by adapting its behaviors when communicating and looking for results from STEM education projects.

The Reach Out Toolkit is divided into 4 parts

  • Cover page, holds information on the context of the research findings.
  • Chapter 1: Dissemination, is mainly oriented project managers and project coordinators with recommendations on where and when new STEM education output should be disseminated and how your communication should be shaped to reach your target audience.
  • Chapter 2: Exploitation, is mainly oriented project managers and project coordinators with recommendations on how you ensure your target audience understand and utilize your STEM education output in the expected way.
  • Chapter 3: How to make a difference, encourages all STEM education stakeholders to take concrete actions and measures to shorten the distance between innovative knowledge in STEM education and its end users. In this part you will also be able to find a sum up off all the recommendations provided in the Reach Out Toolkit.

You will also find in appendix a list of free tools and new ideas to disseminate your science project outcomes.

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