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Conceptual framework on informal/non-formal science learning

  • January 2019
  • Education & learning
  • Report

As part of the SySTEM 2020 project, Science Gallery Dublin have led the work on creating a White Paper on existing non-formal and informal learning frameworks in Europe. Its purpose is to do a systematic literature review of the field and identify the gaps.

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SySTEM 2020

The SySTEM 2020 Project, coordinated by Science Gallery Dublin, aims to tackle scientific literacy and STEM education of children and teenagers, in order to support our future citizens in this world of fast-evolving science and technology. SySTEM 2020 will focus on science learning outside the classroom, mapping the field across Europe, evaluating a number of transdisciplinary programmes to design best principles for educators in this field, and also examining individual learning ecologies by piloting self-evaluation tools for learners which will document science learning outside of the classroom.