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Module of artificial selection and the domestication of the dog. It highlights the wolf and shows its legacy hung over him.

What are the powers and the politics of objects in science engagement? This is what the articles gathered in this Spokes collection are exploring.


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Feature articles

Selection of electronic material at the University of Nantes by a researcher, 1997. Mission PATSTEC Pays de Loire-France

Interviews published in Spokes #64, June 2020

The challenges and opportunities that collections bring to our institutionsEstimated reading time: 18 minutes
Spokes, collections, acquisitions
In Depth
Figure 1: Family interacting with real objects during “Digging in the dinosaur era” workshop activity at Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Feature article by Anne M. Land-Zandstra - Dylan J.J. van Gerven - Welmoet Damsma published in Spokes #37, January 2018

How visitors interpret authenticity in a natural history museum| Estimated reading time: 22 minutes
Education & learning
Object, museum, authenticity, Spokes

Interviews published in Spokes #57, November 2019

Turning objects into meaningful museum experience| Estimated reading time: 18 minutes (6 min per interview).
objects, interpretation, design, exhibitions, museography, materiality, Spokes
The Cloud Chamber is used to detect nuclear radiation by observing the traces of elementary particles. Designed by Scottish physicist Charles Wilson in 1900. Photo by Agata Steifer.

Interviews published in Spokes #37, January 2018

Science centre and museum professionals on their special relationship with an object or exhibit that got under their skin.| Estimated reading time: 22 minutes (1-3 min per interview)
Object, exhibit, museum, science centre, cherished object, museum professionals, stories, Spokes
Iconic Brachiosaurus specimen at the Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin

Interviews published in Spokes #55, September 2019

Extending the discussion to scientific collections| Estimated reading time: 30 minutes (5 min per interview).
collections, colonialism, decolonising, heritage, museum, Spokes
In Depth
Caption: What makes your gender? Display case in the Who am I? gallery, Science Museum, London © Science Museum

Feature article by Kayte McSweeney - Jen Kavanagh published in Spokes #19, May 2016

A spectrum of participatory practices and case studies| Estimated reading time: 20 minutes
Education & learning, EU and governance
Participation, collections, co-creation, co-development, diversity, dialogue, inclusion, Spokes