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Code of ethics for researchers

  • February 2018
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WEF_Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics developed by the Young Scientists of the World Economic Forum in 2018 is a unique piece of work that addresses the need for an ethical framework for interdisciplinary research. Many codes of ethics have been drafted before, but so far no code that is interdisciplinary and global in its perspective has achieved universal uptake. The Code of Ethics is a much-needed framework for ethical research, to not only shape the behaviour of individuals but also the processes of the scientific institutions that are to facilitate the cultural shift necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Engagement with the public, engagement with policy-makers and supporting diversity are three of the 7 principles that make the Code; pursue the truth, minimize harm, be a mentor and be accountable complete the code.

You are encouraged to share it in the broadest possible way, especially within the research and academic communities.

The Code of Ethics has been developed by the Young Scientists of the World Economic Forum in consultation with leading universities worldwide; Science Gallery International has been involved in its development and review.

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